What’s up guys?! So usually we do App reviews well this week we are going to review something a little different. This week we are going to take a look at iSwype which is an app, but not on the App store. iSwype is a jailbreak app/tweak that can only be obtained via Cydia. Anyways, lets jump right into it!

The Android platform has always been looked up at numerous things. This includes customization, notifications, widgets, more options, cydia like tweaks and apps in the android market, and so much more. However, among those things is swipe texting. Android users gloat about having it while iOS users drool for it. Well now iOS users you can have swipe texting too. Unfortunately, your device needs to be jailbroken. If it is not you can not get it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Once you go into Cydia the tweak/app is called iSwype. You must add this repo into your sources, if you do not have it yet: http://wynd.x10.mx/repo  Once you have added that then you go to it, download it, install it, and wait. Once it is done you restart your Springboard and then you are ready to swipe. This app works inside of any application that uses a keyboard. The swipe texting is fast and more efficient than the normal iOS texting. As you swipe it automatically puts the letters in. If the letters do not show up as you type then the entire word gets put in when you lift your finger. Even though the autocorrect is at times off and puts ridiculous things, it is very useful. Unless of course its completely wrong and then you got to delete the whole word. What a pain! -__-


Another great feature of the tweak is that when it thinks it messed up on the autocorrect, a bar of suggestions pops up that you can scroll through. Pictured above is an example of the suggestion bar. This is extremely useful as I find myself messing up so I just click the word I want and it changes with no hassle what-so-ever. It is much easier than deleting the whole word and trying to type it again.

As great as this may sound to you so far, there are still plenty of drawbacks. I have obviously installed this onto my iPhone and one thing I can say i dislike is performance. It has slowed up dramatically. Jailbreaking my device most likely slowed my device anyway, but before I put in iSwype it was faster to type messages then it is now. It takes pretty long to actually get the words onto the screen typed and ready to send. Sometimes it is adequately fast, but nothing to spectacular or even decent. My device also lags a lot when trying to type a message. I noticed from time to time my phone froze and took like 5 minutes to actually unfreeze with the message popped up and ready to type again.

Another downside was the suggestion bar. Even though it is a great add-on as I stated before it did not show up from time to time. I found myself misspelling words more often than not and nothing showed up. I had no choice to delete it and retry. However, this is what made me mad. If I deleted a word and tried retyping it and messed up again, then the suggestion bar would show up and say hello. This was upsetting for me.

Overal performance brought down the overall ability of this app. Even though I am on a bit of an older iPhone, when I used it on a iPhone 4 I seemed to run into the same problems here and there. We are assuming that it is probably bugs. Either way it did not live up to the hype.

I rate this app a 2.5 out of 5! Still decently good, but kind of a disappointment. It is up to you wether you want to check it out or not.

Thank you guys for tuning in to check out this week’s AD Weekly. Real quick announcement guys. IFA is going on in Berlin, Germany right now as you may be reading this. IFA is like the European version of CES which we covered earlier this year. To keep updated with all the news and products coming out of IFA check back here on the website, the Twitter and Facebook pages, and of course the YouTube channels.

Thats it guys see you next week for another AD Weekly. Any apps you want us to check out and review leave as a comment or post to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+! Laters and have a good Labor Day for all of our U.S. friends! 🙂