How To Fix iMessage on a Hackintosh Using Chameleon

How To Fix iMessage on a Hackintosh Using Chameleon

There are many ways that have been conceived in order to fix the issue regarding Hackintosh users and iMessage. In this article we have a way to fix this using the easiest and most common methods. Simply download the file below and extract it. Inside the folder you will have Chameleon Wizard and a modules folder. Simply run the Application to make sure you have the latest version of the Chameleon boot loader. Then to complete just copy the modules folder to /Extra on your hard disk. Restart and iMessage should work flawlessly.

Download Files | (1.7 MB)



    Thank u bro, It’s the easy way to fix it!!!!

  • Z

    also the easiest way to break your bootloader and the only way to fix it is to take the hard drive out, mount it on another mac/hack and remove the stupid modules folder. Annoying.

    • It is extremely hard to break a bootloader with only a dylib module.

      • Z

        It seems it’s very easy with my setup. I can take a video of the process if you’d like. When I start with -v, I can see that it gets stuck at loading the mach_kernel.

        • Was your bootloader up to date? Did it start to work again after you deleted it?

          • Z

            Yes for both. I’m afraid I’m stuck.

    • kball

      Who would have thought the bootloder right?! Had the same problem but got around it with an install USB drive. I was stumped for 5 minutes when my usb install failed with the same problem, but I was still using the HD0 loader. Thanks for the help!

  • Not Work For my Hackbook 🙁

  • i get a message telling there is a problem with my internet connection :S

  • demonknight9

    Works fine. I used SuperDuper to do an exact image in case something went wrong. I followed the tutorial by updating the bootloader from the dropbox tab in the chameleon wizard. Added the modules folder to my extra folder on my ML drive and rebooted.
    No change to the way the system boots and all my options to not have a menu and go straight to the apple logo are still in place. I have the clover bootloader installed on a pen drive in case something went horribly wrong.
    I signed out of iMessage and logged back in and it works. No need for clover anymore, everything is working fine.
    I will test it for the next week to make sure it doesnt have any side effects later down the line but it looks fine for now.

    Thank tekwik for this rather nice fix 🙂

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  • Michael Zur

    VMware image 10.8 and 10.9 I can not get this to work… Is there a way to just download an already working image of an os x that has imessage and facetime already unlocked?

  • Adrian Braun

    Didn’t work…