Everyone loves Apple rumors and now is the perfect time for rumors so we are gonna start off with something everyone wants to know about. The iPhone 5 (4s).

The iPhone 5 is expected to be released this fall with an 8 megapixel camera, 4 inch screen, and A5 dual core processor, but a relocated flash as well? According to sources Apple is relocating the flash on the iPhone. The picture below was caught a few days ago by Alibaba a trading site.


As you can tell the flash is relocated to the opposite side. Alibaba was the site that released iPad 2 cases showing its thinness and cameras, but was later taken down by Apple’s law team. The case was taken off the site today ( not that apple did it) but evidence so far is pointing to it. Also pictures of the parts for the camera were shown. However, we find the issue that the camera seems kind of small so we are not real positive about this rumor.

Moving on Apple’s 10th year anniversary is this thursday and according to a “solid Apple source” Apple is planing something special for the occasion. Employees are scheduled to work overnight from saturday to sunday. Then a required meeting is scheduled for monday morning where they will sign an NDA ( Non Disclosure Agreement). The mobile phones will be locked away by management and the stores will have password-protected gigabytes of data marked as “training” to only be opened this weekend with hardware currently being stored on lock and key.

Predictions? We think it could possibly be a new product. Are we certain? Not really. It is just a guess, but whatever it is it seems to be a big deal. We are going to have to wait and find out?

What do you guys think it is? A new product? Will Apple relocate the iPhone’s flash? Leave your comments and let us know!!