Well hello there HTC Vigor, nice of you to finally join us in the smartphone world. As many of you may have heard already, HTC has planned a September 1 event in London to release its new phones. Among the ones supposedly to be released is the HTC Vigor with Beats Audio integrated within the hardware. Until recently we haven’t seen much of the Vigor. We saw some renderings, photos that the Vigor is capable of, and cases. Now we actually can see its pretty screen. Also, HTC brought back the red and black Droid color scheme for this device.

The Vigor is rumored to be Big Red’s (A.K.A Verizon) newest and most powerful 4G-LTE powered device after the Droid Bionic on October 6th. However, there does not seem to be a 4G-LTE logo anywhere on the phone. Neither is there a Verizon logo anywhere, so that leaves us to believe carrier choice is not a definite for Verizon right now. These pictures are also good because they give us some new information about the phone. First and foremost, it has HTC sense thats a given. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but it definitely has it. If you look closely on the back of the device in small lettering it says “with HTC Sense”. There is a front facing camera embedded into the top right corner of the phone, above an extraordinarily massive screen. The device itself looks a lot like the HTC Droid Incredible on HGH or steroids. Same design but its a lot bigger. There has been rumors and talk lately that an HTC Incredible HD could be coming to the market soon. The design of the Vigor lead us to believe that this could possibly be the widely rumored HTC Incredible HD. All of the specs are listed below. Enjoy!


4.3″ qHD screen


16 GB Internal Storage

1.5 GHz Dual-Core processor

Beats by Dre Sound Technology


Front-Unknown   Back-8 megapixel sensor with Dual LED Flash