The iPhone 5 is approaching and we have information you may not have seen yet! With production supposedly under way in China, small leaks have been found as the device is finalized, made, polished off, and so on. Around this time it is usually common to see leaks like this come out of factories and thats exactly what we have here.

iPhone part supplier TVC Mall has posted pictures of what they claim are iPhone 5 parts. The leaked parts include the iPhone 5 battery, camera lens, and the headphone/earphone audio jack flex cable. The new parts are definitely different compared to the current parts. Below are some interesting screenshots of the leaked parts compared to the iPhone 4 parts.

The back camera appears to be different, but after closer inspections they came up with this conclusion. The camera seems to still contain a 5 megapixel sensor instead of the widely rumored 8 megapixel camera we were expecting to see in the new iPhone. However, the battery seems to be realistic. It has a changed design. It is stated to be a 3.7v and 5.3Whr rather than the existing 3.7v and 5.25Whr.

These parts seem somewhat realistic but, there are 2 issues.

#1. If the camera sensor is 5 megapixels instead of the rumored 8 that would not really make sense unless Apple is using for a “4S” lower model iPhone. However, there is no word on a low end model as of now. That leaves us to believe that this is not an accurate picture of the camera.

#2 Leaks can look real all the time and its typical for leaks to come out around this time before a release and the leaks end up being fake. We are not saying thats the case with these, but you can never tell. The battery leak does look accurate though.

What do you guys think? Are these iPhone 5 parts? Tell us in the comments!!!