has offered us with the first look of a screen protector for the alleged iPhone 5. The two pictures posted above are supposed to be for the next generation device. The protector shows off a much bigger form factor than the current iPhone 4 and is showing an elongated home button.

This does line up with others rumors we have heard quite nicely. In addition, leaked cases from manufacturers claiming they are for the next device, have never really shown the front of the device. It was pretty tough to get an exact idea of what it was going to look like. Earlier design documents however, only showed parts that need to be shown so this home button may not be a sure thing.

The hole for the FaceTime camera appears to have been included within the top area with the speaker as the picture shows.

Of ┬ácourse there have been doubts recently on the iPhone’s next form factor. Despite, cases coming from all over China suggesting a new design, How realistic are they? For starters, all the cases were said to be based on a design document which may or may not be the final design of the device. In addition, there have been no actual leaks of the device. The only leaks have been from the supposed N94 iPhone 4 look alike, which will become according to sources the iPhone 4S.

Apple is widely expected to release the iPhone 5 this Fall around September or October!