Today was Apple’s huge iPhone event titled “Lets Talk iPhone”. When the day started rumors were still flying all over the place wether Apple would release a iPhone 4 look alike in the 4S or a new re-designed iPhone 5. When it was all said and done Apple decided to go with the 4S side of things.

The new iPhone 4S is a big improvement over the 4 with an A5 dual-core processor; 8-megapixel camera with full 1080p video capture, Auto-Focus; and LED Flash, and of course the Siri voice assistant. However, what does that mean for the iPhone 5. Apple if expected to keep a yearly release cycle will not release another phone until next summer or next October.

Apple took a hit today with the market widely expecting a new phone. While Android continues to grow in phone size, screen size, number of devices, and other essentials, Apple is left behind. Once the news was out that Apple was not releasing a 5, Apple’s value took a hit going down about 5%.

Share holders also got hit if you take a look at the below chart. Apple is currently trading at 356 a share, and it went down almost 18 points. Ouch Apple, that has got to hurt!

This was just a lost for Apple. Just like we stated above this is a bad time for them to not to re-do their new iPhone model. While Android advances further Apple will be forced to catch up. What does no iPhone 5 also mean for the 48% of consumers that were planning on buying an iPhone 5? Not a 4S but a 5. Either lots of people will give up on Apple and move to Android or another OS out there while others will stay loyal t0 the Cupertino kids, like myself who will probably end up buying a 4S.

Bummer Apple, better luck next year!

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