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Our video production team produces as many quality videos as possible.  Each video undergoes hours of production to create unique content.  The video channel is purely technology related with tutorials, reviews, unboxings, overviews, and much more.


The TekWik Minecraft players have developed a Minecraft world with large cities, rides, art, transportation systems, and an economy. The project is set to retire at the end of Jun 2016 to allow for other gaming opportunities to be made.


TekWik publishes very detailed articles.  These articles are free to read and may consist of news and tutorials.  Usually we provide video content to go along with the text so the media can be viewed in multiple ways.


TekWik strives to bring fantastic support to the technology community.  We have multiple means of connection ranging from email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, and more.  You can contact us using any of the  mediums and expect a helpful reply in no time.

Recent Content

OnePlus One Invite Giveaway [Closed]

Finally, I have an extra OnePlus One invite to give away to the community and I decided to share it here. The invite is for a Sandstone 64GB OnePlus One and needs to be claimed by Thursday, October 2nd, 2014. The invite will be sent out around noon on Tuesday to the...

iOS 7.1.x Untethered Jailbreak

Almost out of nowhere the Pangu jailbreak appeared. Even though it is not by any known jailbreak developer, I have confirmed it working on multiple devices. Releasing this jailbreak, however, used two exploits that possibly could have been saved for later when iOS 8...

Pebble Steel Unboxing

Behold, the Pebble Steel. The Pebble Steel comes in a box a lot larger than the original Pebble with much softer packaging. A lot of thought went into the packaging to offer a pleasing appearance as well as protect the device. The leather strap came pre-attached, and...

iMac G4: An Iconic Computer

The iMac created a revolutionary new concept for home PCs. Ever since the original Mac system, Apple has been producing all-in-one platforms, however, iMac created a spark in the technology industry. Throughout the years, Apple has had many obvious stages in design....

RAVPower Luster Review

The RAVPower Luster is a device that is great to always carry around. Built into the very compact small form factor is a 3000mAh battery, a DC5V/1A USB output, a 5V/1A micro USB input and a very bright LED flashlight.  The built-in battery takes 3-4 hours to...