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The RAVPower Luster is a device that is great to always carry around. Built into the very compact small form factor is a 3000mAh battery, a DC5V/1A USB output, a 5V/1A micro USB input and a very bright LED flashlight.  The built-in battery takes 3-4 hours to completely charge and was able to bring my iPhone 5 from 20% battery all the way to 100% and still had enough charge to fully power the flashlight.

The flashlight component can be turned on with a small button on the opposite end.  Upon pushing the button it cycles through three modes; full brightness, lower brightness, and strobe.  The flashlight is very bright for its small size and doesn’t use much power. In addition, the flashlight can be powered while it is charging a device simultaneously.

The Luster by RAVPower charges devices very well and the flashlight is very bright.  I highly recommend grabbing one of these just in case you need some extra power or light.  Or both.

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