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Finally, I have an extra OnePlus One invite to give away to the community and I decided to share it here. The invite is for a Sandstone 64GB OnePlus One and needs to be claimed by Thursday, October 2nd, 2014. The invite will be sent out around noon on Tuesday to the winner that will randomly be selected. From there, they have 12 hours to claim it as theirs, if they do not it will be sent to another person who entered the contest and they wil have the same amount of time to claim it. Once it is claimed, the phone must be purchased within 24 hours or else the invite expires. This process must be done fast because of the high demand of the phone.

Ways to enter the contest:

  • Answer the question “Why do you want a OnePlus One?” (required)
  • Subscribe on YouTube (required)
  • Follow TekWik on Twitter (required)
  • Like TekWik on Facebook (required)
  • +1 TekWik on Google+
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • Refer Friends

Each will give you another entry and an additonal way of winning.

Thanks for entering, have fun, and good luck!

OnePlus One Invite Giveaway