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The iMac created a revolutionary new concept for home PCs. Ever since the original Mac system, Apple has been producing all-in-one platforms, however, iMac created a spark in the technology industry.

Throughout the years, Apple has had many obvious stages in design. Beginning with an off white plastic, boxy design, developing into the translucent iMac, the classic pure white designs, aluminum, aluminum unibody design, and finally incorporating a black finish in the brand new Mac Pro. Probably the most iconic and radically designed computer from Apple is the iMac G4.

Following up with a radically new model only 4 years after the original, people went crazy. Featuring a profile never imagined before as well as containing a very powerful computer and a high resolution LCD screen, the iMac G4 is still one of a kind.

My iMac G4 has a 1GHz single core PowerPC processor, 2GB of DDR RAM, and a GeForce4 MX. In 2003, this PC shipped with only 256MB of RAM for $1799.  In 2001, the original model included a 700MHz single core PowerPC processor, 128MB of DDR RAM, and a GeForce2 MX which sold for $1299.

The iMac G4 is probably one of the most unique computers ever massed produced to date.  Featuring an actuating arm suspending the LCD above the base allowed for fluid motion and adjustments. The entire computer is located in the base and is used to counterbalance the suspened LCD screen.