If you have been following pod2g on twitter you have known about the development of his iOS 5.0.1 Untether. Well now its here!! Below is a text tutorial while a video is on its way below!

If your already using a Tethered Jailbreak:

If you have an A4 device such as an iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 3G/4G and iPad 1 which has a tethered jailbreak using Redsn0w then just launch Cydia download a package named ‘Corona’ which gives you a untethered jailbreak.

If you have not yet jailbroken:

Step 1: Download the latest version of Redsn0w . Mac  Windows

Step 2: Start Redsn0w, select “Jailbreak” then check “Install Cydia”. Follow the onscreen steps to place your device into DFU mode.

Step 3: Wait for Redsn0w to apply the full untethered jailbreak!