4G-LTE is a big deal in the tech world and an iPhone with 4G-LTE is one of those tech unicorns everyone is on the lookout for. However, this morning some interesting news came out of BGR.com. Acquired by BGR from intelligence ¬†of “Apple’s major carrier partners” there is a 4G iOS device out there that is being put thru it’s paces. Nobody out there is able to confirm whether it is an iPad 3, iPhone 5, or an iPhone 4s prototype. What it does mean however, is that 4G-LTE is in Apple’s plans whether it is for now or the future. The below screenshot was taken by BGR:

It was made clear by Apple a while back that they would keep away from the open waters of 4G-LTE because of the early generation chips. Apple stated that it would require too many “design compromises”. It is possible the iPhone 5 could be LTE, but at this point it is highly unlikely. Apple will probably wait a year or two until there is more compatibility in the LTE market and more coverage. Also, 3G was already out when the first iPhone was released and Apple chose to release the iPhone without 3G. A year later they brought 3G to the phone giving a new product a pre-existing technology. With that being said it is likely that Apple will not release a 4G phone this year, but it is on the way.

What do you guys think of a 4G iPhone? Would you buy it? Would it be a boom or bust? Let us know below!