Every generation iOS device brings speed bumps allowing the divide to preform faster as well as support the latest software.  The A4 processor was the first to hit 1GHz in 2010.  In 2011 we saw the A5 with dual-cores.  In 2012, we can expect to see an A6 which is not only going to bring speed improvements but also four cores.

iOS uses simple references to each processor revision.  iOS 5.1 reveals evidence of what seems like a quad-core processor and a new processor management system that is compatible with the A5 and the next generation CPUs.  The updated core management system includes a “/cores/core.3”  option which represents a fourth core.  The single core devices have a “/cores/core.0” option and the A5 includes “/cores/core.1”.  It is logical that a “/cores/core.2” option represents three cores and thus “/cores/core.3” representing four.

It is almost certain that the A6 will exist in the next generation devices because in iOS 5.1 there is evidence of the iPad 3.  Apple is probably using this software for testing on the new hardware. The next iPad should be announced in February according to schedule.

Since the new Tegra 3 processor in the Asus Transformer Prime shows unbelievable performance, we can only imagine what a quad-core iOS device would be like.

There have been other rumors of the iPad 3 having a brand new display with a high density PPI like the iPhones “Retina Display”.  Also, it has been said that we will see camera improvements like we did for the iPhone 4S but the new iPad will also include a FaceTime HD camera on the front.  And maybe we will see Gorilla Glass 2 which will be previewed at CES in a couple days.