Developers Steven Troughton-Smith and the TheMudKip have been able to enable the Apple TV 2G to launch and run native iOS apps originally meant for the iPhone and iPad.  At first the developers were able to run the applications in windows but recently they have enabled them to run at the full 72op resolution.  This has been a major leap in the port of iOS apps to your TV.

Originally when the apps were in windows, it was possible to be able to run multiple apps side-by-side.   The recent progress allowed another option to be added to allow the application to encompass all of the screens pixels.  The developers have wrote a simple application launcher alternative to springboard to be able to select an icon and have it launch.

Steven Troughton-Smith posted on twitter:

“Remember how the unofficial iPhone applications back in ‘07 forced Apple’s hand in creating an App Store? I’d like Apple TV to get the same treatment.”