The new Call of Duty map pack is finally here!
Released on February 1st, this all new map pack contains five all new maps: Discovery, Stadium, Kowloon, Berlin Wall, and Ascension the new zombies map.

Discovery is an old abandoned world war II german outpost in Antarctica. It features in the middle of the map a collapsable ice bridge that can be blown up. It also is a good map for snipers featuring some high points.

Next is called Stadium which is a fast pace map with indoor and outdoor areas. This is the perfect map for run and gunners because around every corner there is always some kind of action. It also features an indoor ice rink which looks very nice.

Kowloon is based on the single player campaign map set in Kowloon City, China. This map is good for all types of players, run and gunners and also snipers. This map includes something new to Call of Duty, which is zip-lines. It’s a great way to get from point A to point B, but while using the zip-line you are completly exposed. You just have to be careful at the time you use it.

The last multiplayer map is called Berlin Wall. This map is set in the streets of Germany by the Berlin wall. The point is to get an East vs. West Germany type of thing going. There are a lot of good high spots for snipers, but mostly you are fighting in the streets. In the middle there is an empty space called no man’s land. It’s fast to get from one side to another, but there is a good chance you will get shot down by auto turrets.

The last map is the zombie map Ascension. It’s pretty good. It brings new weapons, perks, and enemies to zombies. I do not play zombies that much, but it is a very good map and it is definitely worth checking out.

First Strike is only available as of right now on Xbox 360 for 1200 Microsoft points or $15 and is set to release later for the PS3 and PC.