To begin with, Clear is a 0.99$ app in the app store.

Clear is a super unique to-do application.  It is unlike anything we have ever seen before.  With Clear, creating a to-do list is actually fun and a completed task is rewarded with a pleasant sound.

Clear is straight up one of the most beautiful and inspired apps we’ve ever used, and it makes managing tasks super simple.

Clear is super simplistic with not so many features although seems to get the job done fast.

Using Clear is like using a very colorful piece of notepad paper to jot down things you need to do, and that’s exactly what we’ve been looking for.

When you launch the application, it will bring you to the main menu.  This consists of your lists, themes, tips and tricks, links to developers Twitter accounts and Settings.

Gestures such as swiping, pulling, pinching, and tapping are used to navigate around the menus.

There are not many settings.  All there is vibration, sound effects, and badges.

Tapping “My Lists” will bring you to a menu with all your lists and you can create new lists from this screen.

Once selecting a list, it will expand and show everything that has been added.  The items pending are shown bright in your themes color and the items that have been completed show dull and dark with a line through them.

Creating a task is as simple as pulling down or pinching between to items.  The only annoyance is the 30 character limit.  This is probably implemented to keep simplicity and make things easy to read but it does get annoying.

Upon completing everything in a list, you can swipe down and it will clear the entire list with a satisfying sound.

I rate this application a 4.5/5 stars.