Whats up guys and welcome back to another weekly app review on Application Domination. So as a lot of you may have known the NFL was on lockout and we were facing the crisis of not having Football this season. Fortunately, the players union resolved the problem and we are now on track to have an NFL season. With football comes fantasy football, the greatest football game on the internet. Today I am reviewing ESPN’s Fantasy Football app, so lets check it out!

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 3.1 or later. Android device running Android 1.6 or later.

So I am a huge sports fan if you did not know that about me, and I have used this app for the past two years to manage my fantasy football teams on ESPN. When you open the app the home screen right away gives you tons of options. You can swipe through all your teams at the very top and under is all kinds of articles the ESPN writers put up to help you win your league and succeed.

When you find the league you want to open you click on the top and your team is presented right there ready for you to make roster changes and such. On the top there is a bar of options such as settings, scoreboard, player news, recent activity, and more. With a swipe everything is at easy access for you to get to.

The best feature in this app is this scroll bar that gives easy access throughout the app and the easy buttons on the sides of names to make roster changes. Another great feature ESPN added is a news bar at the bottom of the app. Not just from football is a bar like on tv of all the latest sports news and a click on one of the headlines takes you to the article. Pressing done 0n the article brings you right back to the app. This is a fantastic feature for keeping track of news stories. Another great feature is that when you go straight into your match ups both teams are displayed right next to each other for easy viewing and comparison.

The one problem I have experienced with this app is that you can not go into to much in depth stuff such as trades, smack boards, reviewing offers, and roster viewing. Its not a really a necessity to have these things in the app but it would be much more effective. Another thing is if you are away from your computer at draft time you can not participate in the draft at that time. The app does not allow you to draft which is a little odd considering they made the app complete with draft kits and everything.

Other than some minor not major features this is a exhilarating app to play with. The simplicity and easiness of it make the app a must have for any ESPN Fantasy Football team owner.

I rate this app a perfect 5 out of 5 stars!!!!!


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