Mozilla has announced Firefox 11, a new version of the popular Web browser. The update brings several noteworthy new user-facing features and a number of technical improvements under the hood.

Firefox 10 brought a  new suite of tools for Web developers. Mozilla further developed Firefox’s integrated development tools and has brought several major improvements in Firefox 11. One of the most significant new tools for Web developers is a new Style Editor.

 The Style Editor has a two-pane view that enables users to browse all of the inline and external stylesheets associated with a Web page. The right-hand pane will display the selected stylesheet as plain text with syntax highlighting. When the user modifies the stylesheet, the changes will be reflected on the Web page as the user types.
Another new feature for Web developers introduced in Firefox 11 is a 3D inspect element view. The underlying implementation is powered by WebGL, a standards-based JavaScript API for performing 3D rendering in an HTML5 canvas element. The user can zoom and rotate the 3D view.

The 3D view has been available in Firefox nightly builds  for quite some time. Also, the 3D view was originally planned to land in Firefox 10, but was delayed to version 11. It’s an amazing technical demonstration of how WebGL can be used for data visualization, but it’s not really clear yet if it will help Web developers solve real-world problems.

Firefox 11 is available for download today (links below). It is also available in the automatic update window for user convenience. For additional details about Firefox 11, you can refer to Mozilla’s official launch announcement.


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