This morning google has announced that it will acquire Motorola Mobility for a $12.5 billion dollar deal. Google acquired Motorola to fight back the attempts of “strangling android”, as google stated being attempted by Apple and other companies.

Motorola has helped Google put android on the map of smartphones, that i like to call a broken wallet of america. ( I call it that because people in America can not buy food and essentials but they can buy phones) Here is where it gets interesting. If the deal does not go through then Google has to pay motorola $2.5 Billion dollars. Motorola Mobility is the #8 smartphone maker and #5 android backer.

Apple in the June quarter alone sold 20.34 million iPhones and 9.25 million iPads.They also sold 4 million macs and 9 million iPods. Apple earned an all-time record in quarterly revenue and achieved earnings of $28.57 billion and $7.31 billion respectively. The iPhone alone earned about two-thirds of the total earnings.

Google is aiming to lower these numbers with this acquisition and super charging android. Do you guys think this was a good move? Will it help defend against Apple or will it not help? Leave your opinions below!