As everyone obviously knows Facebook has been making more changes than Obama, and one of those changes are on news feed. Now on your news feed Facebook automatically selects the top stories instead of the most recent posts. Lots of people have been complaining about this issue and we have found just the way to fix this issue.

Step 1- Go to the arrow on top right of your Facebook and click on Account Settings.

Step 2- Next, a list of options should be on the left hand side. Click on Notifications and go to that page.

Step 3- Once you have opened Notifications there should be a little box on the top right hand corner that says Email Frequency. Make sure to uncheck that!!!   P.S. This is the most important step!!!

Step 4- Go back to your homepage and everything should be back to normal. It should now show up in chronological order of posting instead of randomly selected top posts showing up. If not, continue to the last step.

Step 5- If not fixed, on the right of every post still under “Top Stories” should be an arrow. Click on that arrow and select “unmark as top story.” Go through every Top Story post and do that. Once completed click on home and everything should now be back.

If you complete these steps correctly Facebook should stop automatically selecting “Top Stories” first and putting them on your news feed.

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Until next time, peace out guys!