Apple’s WWDC ( World Wide Developers Conference) is less than a week away and Apple is convincing people that its still worth it even though there is no new iPhone. That means the main focus is for iOS 5 and Mac OS X and boy do we have the latest iOS 5 info.

According to TechCrunch since the main focus is iOS 5 and Mac OS X, Apple is planning on releasing a “completely revamped ” notifications system and add widgets to the iPhone. We do not know how either are going to work yet, but below are two concept videos on how widgets could work.

In addition, sources have also reported that Nuance voice technology will surprisingly not make it to the iOS software this time and will be a later update, or add on.

Lastly, Apple is said to be sticking with google maps for there maps application. Apple was reportedly working on there own maps. It seems though they never really were and kept google maps the whole time, but either way
google maps is here to stay!

What do you think of these possible iOS add ons? Do you think the widgets and notifications would be a boom or bust? Leave your comments below!!!