October 4th, that is the date of the alleged iPhone 5 launch. It is still unclear though what Apple will launch. However, most of you know that if this was a typical year for Apple then the iPhone 5 would already have been launched. Though, since the Verizon iPhone 4 came out in January everyone has been guessing on what Apple will do next and this just contributes to Apple’s odd year. According to sources Apple will hold the rumored October 4th press conference closer to home on their own campus grounds. See told you this was weirder than Lady Gaga’s costumes.

Apple usually releases products in San Francisco. The iPad and iPad 2 conferences were both held in San Francisco and each iteration of the iPhone has been released at WWDC which is held in San Francisco. John Paczkowski, writer for AllThingsD,  says sources “close to the company” have cited that Apple will hold their October 4th event in Apple’s Infinite Loop on their campus in Cupertino, California for the first time in many years. AllThingsDalso stated:

Historically, Apple has held its big product demonstrations in San Francisco. The iPad and iPad 2 where unveiled there, as were all iterations of the iPhone to date. This year things are going to be different.  This year, Apple’s holding its big iPhone media event closer to home. Sources close to the company say the demonstration — currently scheduled for Tuesday October 4, a date first reported by AllThingsD — will be held at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California.

Until things are officially announced by Tim Cook and Co. we can not say how much of this is true. For all we know this could be faker than the National Inquirer. It does however, give us a rough idea on what to expect. Various reports, including our selves, have stated that the upcoming Apple event is where they are expected to release their next iPhone (or iPhones in this case). One is to be an iPhone 4 look alike with an A5 chip and 8 megapixel camera. It will replace the 3GS as the low-end model. Then there is the iPhone 5. It is said to have a tapered redesigned casing, A5 chip, 8 megapixel camera, larger screen, and be a world mode phone. This would obviously become the Company’s new high-end device.

Apple is also expected to release iOS 5 at the event.

The reasoning behind the change in venue is unknown, but with Apple it could be because of anything. If the event is on October 4th that is only 8 days away. So, if the reports of an October 4th event are true we should be seeing invitations being sent out any day now. Then we will be able to know for sure what is coming and where it will be held.

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