Update:  Even though they are not always 100% correct Bloomberg is a much more reliable source and has confirmed that the August release rumor will not happen. They say the iPhone 5 will be released in September sporting a similar design to the iPhone 4, A5 processor like the iPad, and an upgraded 8 megapixel camera. It will also come pre-loaded with iOS 5 when in comes out this Fall.


Our favorite thing is back! No I don’t mean summer where the sun is hotter than an oven! I’m talking about Apple news and iPhone 5 rumors! Apple has been very busy lately with lots of juicy information coming from the big A and if you are all relaxed and ready to go lets get started with this recap!

News from a ‘reliable source’ was released today saying that a Taiwanese production company has lost money from a decline in orders especially from Apple requesting iPhone parts. A decline in production of an Apple product usually mean a refresh or new product is on the way. In addition, we have been told that Apple is possibly planning an event in early to middle August to release this new iPhone. We are not to sure, but it could just be a little bit early iPod event or a completely separate event just for the iPhone we will have to wait and see.

That is not the only thing we will have to wait and see on, we have also been told the next generation iPhone will have a completely re-done casing. An earlier report we had stated that it would be almost identical to the current iPhone 4 with just upgraded hardware specs, but we will find out. Below is a concept picture of a possible new casing. Personally we think its a bad design but check it out and leave your comments on it below:


Moving on with more Apple News, Final Cut Pro X was finally released today with the new versions of Motion and Compressor. The new Final Cut, Motion, and Compressor can be downloaded from the Mac app store. Final Cut is $299 and Motion and Compressor are $49 each. For the whole package it will cost you a good $400. If you are a hardcore  video editor though its definitely worth is so go check it out! For an overview check out these two videos for more information!




Also, Apple updated the Time Capsule today which were overdue for an upgrade. The only difference is a 3TB model. Previously it was 1TB and a 2TB but now the options are 2TB and a 3TB.

So how do you guys feel about Apples being so busy? is an earlier iPhone 5 release date better or worse? Will you be getting Final Cut Pro X or the new video software? What about the Time Capsules? Leave all your opinions below!