10:37AM – Over 1/3 is purchased on iOS devices. “Keeping it in sync can be frustrating.” You can say that again. Walking us through the whole cloud syncing scenario, you get the gist.

10:36AM – Eddie Cue is up to talk iCloud now.

1:34 pm “This next feature is one of my favorites — tabbed browsing.”

1:31 pm “You can edit your photos right on your device as well.”

1:31 pm “We know how popular the camera is on the iPhone, and we make it even easier to use. Now you can get to the camera from the lock screen. You can add grid lines. You can pinch to zoom. You can set the auto exposure and auto focus to lock.”

1:30 pm “Next up, Camera.”

1:30 pm Scott is listing off the partners for Newsstand.

1:30 pm “This makes it easier to read publications on your iOS device.”

1:29 pm “Next up is Twitter integration. We’ve integrated Twitter with our OS and into many of the built in apps, like Photos.”

1:29 pm “Next up is Reminders. It allows you to create reminders like pick up dry cleaning… and they can be location based.” Um, Scott just referred to the location data as a “Geo Fence”

1:27 pm “Next up is iMessage. It’s a new messaging service between iOS users.”

1:27 pm “You can see your notifications on the lock screen, and you can swipe to go directly to that app.”

1:27 pm “Notifications — we have a new notifications center.”

1:27 pm “Let me recap ten of the top features.”

1:27 pm “We can’t wait to get it into everyone’s hands.”

1:26 pm “We’ve already seeded more than 100k developers. They love it.”

iOS 5

1:26 pm “We’ll print it out, put the address on it, and mail it. If you mail in the US, we can track it with the US Postal Service barcode, and we’ll send you a push notification when it arrives.”

1:24PM Apple has paid out $3 billion to developers — and of course has taken a tidy cut itself.

10:23AM – Forstall: “already, more than 500k apps in the app store. More than 140k of these are made specifically for the iPad.”

Forstall is up for iOS time!

1:22PM “We have passed the quarter of a billion sales mark” for iOS devices.

1:20PM “Over 80 percent of the hospitals in the US are now testing or piloting iPad.”

1:18PM iPads are “showing up everywhere”

1:18PM Now we’re talking iPad. Apple’s youngest category.

1:16PM “Customers love iPhone, and it’s consistently rated #1 in every satisfaction rating I can find.”

1:15PM The iPhone 4 now makes up half of the overall iPhone market, showing just how strongly the market is growing.

1:15PM iTunes is the number one music store in the world, 16 billion songs downloaded.

1:14PM “iPod is still a large and imporant market for Apple.”

1:13PM Market share for iPod? A neat 78 percent.

1:12PM “There are still 77 percent of people who are buying something else. What does that mean? We have an incredibly high ceiling here. We have a long way to go.”

1:09PM Six million copies of Lion downloaded so far — 80 percent more than Snow Leopard.

1:09PM Quoting Mossberg, saying that Lion is the “best operating system out there.”

1:08PM First is the Mac, and of course OS X Lion is the big news on that front.

1:08PM “Our products are at the core of everything we do.” Tim’s going to walk us through all four of them.

1:08PM “Our products are at the core of everything we do.” Tim’s going to walk us through all four of them.

1:06PM At the Hong Kong opening, they sold more Macs on opening day than they have in any other store in the world!

1:05PM 100,000!

1:05PM The Shanghai store is “absolute gorgeous,” the company’s largest store in Asia. 100,000 visitors stopped by on opening weekend.

1:04PM Two new stores opened in China in the past week, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

1:04PM “Apple has enormous momentum, and nowhere is that more evident than in our retail stores.”

1:03PM Then there’s the MacBook Air, which has “fundamentally changed the way people think about computers.”

1:02PM “It is a pleasure to host you today.” And it is our pleasure to host you, readers.

12:58PM “Ladies and gentlemen, our presentation will begin shortly.”

The conference should start any minute!