As years go by, many new TVs are shown at CES but this year we see a TV like never before seen.  The LG OLED TV brings outstanding performance with a minuscule footprint. This 55-inch TV weighs around 16 pounds and is only 4mm thin.  The bezel is very small as well measuring only about 1mm wide.

This TV has a full HD resolution at 1920×1080 with a refresh rate 1000 times faster then LCD and  LED displays.  The viewing angles are almost perfect and the colors and contrast are unbelievable.  Finally this OLED TV has a 1,000,000,000:1 contrast ratio which is 50-times larger than the average LCD or LED television.  Not only is this the largest OLED TV, it is also one of the thinnest ever seen.

This TV is loaded with features as well.  LG has incorporated the Smart TV platform, which means all of your favourite connected TV apps will be present on this device thanks to the built in Wi-Fi.  It also uses LG’s Magic Remote to navigate TV content.

LG has said the planned release date was late 2012 and no price was mentioned.