As of 6:00 Eastern Standard Time on July 19, 2011 it has been confirmed that Apple will release tomorrow, the final version of Mac OS X Lion into the Mac App Store.

Lion will be available in the morning of July 20, 2011 (Tomorrow). It will be available for download at $29.99 and is capable of being put on more than one computer with the same account. It is unsure at what time it will be available for download. Possibly around 8 Eastern Time we think, but it’s anyone’s guess really.

Additionally, no further details have been released concerning OS X Lion. However, it is definite that Lion is coming tomorrow.

What do you guys think of Lion? Will it be a boom or bust? Leave your comments below and like always stayed tuned not only here but on our youtube pages for complete overviews, reviews, and more on Mac OS X Lion and much more!