As 2010 came and went it was a big year for mobile devices. iPad was released along with a whole new lineup of iPods including the nano and touch. The iPhone 4 was also released. HTC also unveiled a whole new lineup in phones. As great as 2010 was 2011 is going to be better.

Its already February of 2011 and lots of things are in store for the mobile world. As the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain takes place even more spectacular devices are coming.

At the congress Sony unveiled 3 new phones and among them the anticipated Sony Ericsson Xpheria Play also known as the Playstation Phone. Unveiled along with it was the Xpheria Neo and Pro.

The HP web OS confrence was also held recently and they anounced the Palm Pre 3 and their brand new web tablet.

Blackberry announced its tablet the Blackberry Playbook however, it was priced at about $1,200. A little much? Ya we think so.

Samsung announced that it would be releasing their own tablet as well to go along with their brand new android powered Galaxy S II phone. Supposedly one of the thinnest smartphones on the market at 8.9 mm thick.

Sticking with phones HTC is also letting some new phones out into the market. The HTC Inspire 4g is coming to AT&T and will be there first 4G phone. Also announced were the HTC Freestyle and HTC Surround for AT&T, for Sprint the HTC Evo Shift 4g, HTC HD7 for T-Mobile, and finally the HTC Wildfire for Cellular South.

Now the most rumored news these days are about Apple. With the iPad, iPhone 4, and new iPods released last year rumors for this year are full speed ahead. The iPhone 4 is finally here for Verizon, but what about the iPhone 5? It may still be on its way. Apple is rumored to be making 3 new phones. The normal iPhone 5 that everyone is waiting for but according to sources they are also working on an iPhone with a slide out physical keyboard and a smaller iPhone called the iPhone nano. How much of these rumors are true we don’t know, but the latest info will be posted here and on wwcomputerrepair’s main channel.

Last but not least the iPad 2 is reportedly in production. A January Apple press conference was expected to be held to announce the device, but now it will be supposedly held in early March, but the iPad 2 is coming and it is said to be smaller, lighter, better battery, and have a camera.

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