Its summer time! Most of us know summer as the time of WWDC and the typical iPhone launch. However Apple decided not to release its iPhone at WWDC this year and as Apple’s September Music Festival arrives and gets closer we have uncovered some interesting information.

According to iPhone Italia it has learned from a “very reliable source” that it has been in discussions with Switzerland’s Swisscom that it will start carrying a next-gen iPhone starting October 5, which will be following up a September 5 U.S. release. Accordingly the rest of the world will get the next-gen iPhone sometime in October, if it is not October 5. This information came from a Senior Swisscom executive who is in “the know” because Apple reportedly has contacted carriers to make arrangements. In addition, a CEO for Verizon Wireless released this statement in a conference call with analysts today with the following statement saying the iPhone should be coming this fall:

We are probably what I would view as maybe a quarter behind what we had talked about in January, primarily because we expected an iPhone 5 refresh sometime this summer. We don’t know when the next one is going to come out. You will have to ask Apple that, but we expect that probably sometime in the fall, and I think you will see a significant jump there when we get to that point.

We have two problems with these reports though.

#1: September 5th is on a Monday. Apple would never usually release a major product on a Monday so why start now? Could they? Of course! Will they? Doubtful but who knows.

#2 If Verizon’s CEO does not know an exact launch date how would a Senior Swisscom Executive have this information? Even if Verizon’s CEO knew the launch date Apple still has to launch it. So we do not know if either reports are extremely reliable.

In addition, there have been many conflicting reports stating we could have more than one iPhone at the Fall launch to an extreme iPhone overhaul in early 2012. The Apple rumor mill though has been pointing to a September launch from Apple’s suppliers and manufacturing partners so we will see.

The fun does not stop there though. claims that they have received pictures of a possible front of a next-gen iPod touch. The picture shows a white front bringing up a question of whether the next iPod touch will come in white as well as black. The picture is below:

According to iFixYouri Repair Shop these photos fall in line with the iPod touch 4th generation build, so what does that mean? It means a few things. It means this may not be legit, and we are unable to confirm the legitimacy of these photos. So this means that this picture could just be from a scrapped iPod touch 4th generation that never made it or (hopefully) a new front panel for a 5th generation iPod touch.

We have heard from recent reports that the 5th gen iPod touch could be a new redesigned form factor. However, according to recent reports that are accurate, it is said that the iPod touch 5th gen will be mostly internal improvements and have an akin design to the 4th gen iPod touch. So with that being said it is most likely the iPod touch will get improvements like the A5 processor, better cameras, and more along those lines. Also, iOS SDK data also reveals that the iPod 4.2 (possibly the fifth-gen iPod touch) is mainly just getting these types of features added and hopefully it is a new iPod, but it is too early to be sure. But if the pictures below mean anything it is what could have been a white iPod touch 4th gen or a new iPod tough 5th gen.

Either way this ends up playing out it is pretty cool! So what do you guys think of a September 5th iPhone launch in the U.S. and October 5th every where else? What about a possible white iPod touch? Should Apple build it? Leave your views and opinions in the comments!!!