Whats up everyone! So as we announced earlier this week we are going to start weekly App review segments we call Application Domination. Today is the first one and I have something special for you all so lets jump into it.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 3.0 or later

With Android being king of the hill on the customization side of things, Apple’s iOS devices are left out of the water. There is not much customization to be done. With this app though, you can change things around just a bit. When you open the app you get the home screen shown below and you can customize your Lock screen and your home wallpaper.
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There is endless customization with this app. It comes preloaded with hundreds of wallpapers that you can use for either your lock screen or your home screen. On your home screen you can pick a wallpaper and then mix and match it with skins and shelves for your apps. For your lock screen you can also add designs like a fingerprint scanner, calendar, or just a frame. Below are some screen shots.



Based on the features of iOS this is a very simple, basic and easy to use customization app that takes advantage of iOS limitations and maximizes it. Unfortunately, I did find a few bugs within the app that hold it back. For example, the preview button does not work as well as I would have hoped for. Also, sometimes there were problems when trying to save your work or switching thru shelves, skins, frames, and wallpapers. It was not exactly bad, but it was a little glitchy. Other than that this app is very good and is definitely worth checking out.

I rate this app a solid 4.5 stars out of 5!!!

So that concludes this week of AD Weekly!! Don’t forget new reviews every week on Fridays!!!! If you have any suggestions on not so popular apps that are good, good jailbreak apps, or just popular apps leave them in the comments or on our Facebook page and maybe your suggestion will be featured!!! Thats it for this week guys! Laters!

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