What’s up guys! Here on WW Computer Repairs we are always working to give you the best news, rumors, tutorials, and unboxings on the internet. We thought it would be fun to do something different, so we have some good news that we want to share with all of you!

Starting this week, probably, we will start a weekly app review series! I will most likely host it, but it really depends and might fluctuate here and there depending. Anyways it will be called Application Domination and it will start this week on either Friday or Saturday. We are unsure on what day it will be on, but either one of those days. The logo will be the header image so when you see an article with the logo below you know what time it is. (No, not time to watch Jersey Shore!!)


Unfortunately, here is the deal though. It will be mostly iOS devoted. Once in a while we will try to get some Android or Windows Phone 7 Apps in there. The issue though is that we do not have as much Android or WP7 devices as we need to review them, so thats why we are doing mostly iOS. The bright side though is that iOS devices have some of the same apps as Android and WP7. Our review will show the  iOS version, but would be the same on other devices. Sorry for the inconvenience! 🙁

So guys be on the lookout for it this Friday or Saturday. Most likely it will be Friday, but some weeks may be on a Saturday and other weeks we may just have to skip it. We will post any changes in the week before we release it so pay attention to that as well. On a different note, leave any app suggestions you have for us to review in the comments below and we may review your suggestion! For now it will stay as a article series, but if it does well we may make it into a video series in the future.

So that’s it guys! Hope you enjoy it and talk to you in the first Application Domination this week! Peace out guys!

P.S. If the comments are closed, blocked, or you can not access them for any, reason we are sorry for the inconvenience. However, If you are excited or interested about this series then be sure to click the Facebook like button below! Your support always helps us out!!!