On October 12 AMD released their new FX Processors which were previously called “Bulldozer.” This is the first time AMD has redesigned their architecture in a long time. Like Intel’s Sandybridge they are now 32nm.

   Their FX-6100 is their Six-Core Processor at 3.3GHz and it is equivalent in power usage and price to Intel’s Core i5-2400. Also the FX-8120 (One of AMD’s 8 Core Processors)  is exactly the same price as Intel’s Core i5-2500k. Finally their FX-8150 is lower in price than Intel’s core i7-2600! These prices are all very competitive compared to Intel’s prices.

   These processors all come unlocked for over clocking! They also work in AMD’s AM3+ socket so if you have one you might want to look up whether your board might support one with a simple BIOS update. AMD has also mentioned that the new processors work great with their discrete graphics and crossfire so this is great news for gamers. For more information on AMD’s FX Processors click here.