The Apple rumor mill just got a little more interesting! This morning according to DigiTimes, Apple has placed an order for 15 million iPhone 5s (4s) to be shipped in September. It is said the order was placed with a Taiwanese-based manufacturer, Pegatron Technology. It also said it will not be a major upgrade like we have said in previous reports, and that extra “manpower” is on the way to help with the load.

Taiwan-based notebook maker Pegatron Technology is estimated to have landed orders for 15 million iPhone 5s (iPhone 4S) from Apple and is set to start shipping in September of 2011, according to sources from upstream component makers. In response, Pegatron declined to comment about its cooperation with clients.

Recently, the next version iPhone reached final testing and is expected to pack a powerful punch with an upgraded 8 megapixel camera sensor (possibly from Sony), a dual-core A5 processor like the iPad 2, and a design akin to the current iPhone.

In addition, more rumors state that it could contain a dual GSM+CDMA cellular chip. This would allow Apple to produce one handset that would connect to CDMA (Verizon in the U.S.) and GSM (AT&T in the U.S.) networks everywhere. Also here in the U.S. more rumors rise to surface stating that a T-Mobile version could be in production as well. An iPhone with T-Mobile was in testing with an A5 processor, so its possible. We do not know how likely it is though. Also recently, T-Mobile explained the popularity of the unlocked iPhones on its network so anythings possible. However, we say it is as likely as The Smurfs being a successful movie, possible but unlikely .

So what do you guys think? If it is an iPhone 4s are these many iPhone units needed? What do you think the next gen iPhone will contain? Leave your comments and opinions below!

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