Earlier today Weibo, a chinese Twitter clone, put up a picture which is suspected to be parts of an iPhone 5. The photo shows a number of details. Among the top news from the photo, the photo shows a processor stamped with an A5 on it and is surprisingly not from the iPad 2. PhoneArena also pointed out that the layout looks similar to that of the iPhone 4’s A4 chipset layout. Part of the photo reads “430 mAh” which leads us to believe that it is similar of that to the iPhone 4. It will most likely have an 1430 mAh battery instead of the 4’s current 1420 mAh. However, just like everything else on the internet there are some issues with this photo as pointed out by 9to5mac.com.

#1 Besides the overall blurriness of the picture, the A5 looks a little bit odd. It looks a little different than what we have seen before. In addition, the source of the photo can not be confirmed.

#2 Below this photo was caught stating it is an iPhone 4s with similar specs. This leads us to believe that either the above photo is just a normal iPhone 4 or a new iPhone 4s.

#3 The proximity sensors on the photos are different than the current ones. They have holes and look almost like a mesh, similar to the early iPhone 4’s. Apple completely redesigned the sensors because the old ones were bad. For Apple to go back to a proximity sensor that did not work very well at all does not make much sense.

With the new models of iPhones coming soon any of these could be the next thing. What do you guys think of these photos? Fake or Legit? Leave your comments below and on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!!!!