A new Trojan for OS X is spreading around the web, which normally wouldn’t be that surprising. But, this Trojan doesn’t even need access to the Mac’s administrator password to bypass security is rather scary. It is also estimated that Flashback has infected over half a million users and could be spreading even further as we speak.

Well this post is here to tell you about the cool free app I found that allows you to see if you have the Trojan. The program is called Flashback Checker and can be downloaded here .

The app tells you whether or not the sneaky Trojan has sneaked into your system or not. If the Trojan was detected have no fear there is a guide to fix this which you can click here  ! The guide will help users remove the Flashback Trojan. Chances are you don’t have the Trojan if you are always up-to-date and keep your eyes peeled, so there’s not that big of a threat.