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If you follow WinSkin/MetroEight’s (MTech) DeviantART, you know that I have a slur of new projects coming together┬ápiece by┬ápiece. Most recently I announced MetrOPEN, which is a multi tasking client. The first public beta will be released in early August hopefully, and I had decided on a whim that I would build a text editor into this. Today, I’ve released the second version (2.0.8) of this, and I am quite happy with the result.

AirPad for Windows works on all versions of Windows (XP Service Pack 3/Vista/7/8) though it is clearly inspired by the Metro style interface found in Windows 8. The current version provides the following improvements…

  • New, streamlined UI
  • Crisper images
  • New icon
  • Printing for ALL users
  • Updated .NET 4.5 architecture
  • Faster response (Mostly Windows XP)
  • Fixes the reopening/popup issue on the first run

I hope you enjoy this program and may it prove useful to you! You can download it here or here.