This Is A Simple Guide On Installing Android 4.0.3 On Your Mac

Install The Android SDK Itself:

Downloads: Mac  Windows

  1. On Mac, Unzip The File, On Windows, Run The Installer.
  2. Go Into The Folder that you Unzipped or installed
  3. Click Tools>Android
  4. A command prompt will pop up
  5. Then An Application will open
  6. Install The Android 4.0.3 Folder
  7. After It Is Installed, Go To Tools>Manage AVDs
  8. Click New
  9. Fill In The Info It Asks For
  10. Click Create (This will take a bit)
  11. Highlight The AVD You Just Created
  12. Click Start
  13. Emulator WIll Start To Load
  14. First Run Will Take A While To Start
  15. You Are Now Done