We all know that after Android 2.3 Gingerbread is Ice Cream Sandwich, ICS for short. ICS is supposed to be released this fall, but already we are hearing rumors of the OS to come after ICS.

According to sources talking to ThisIsMyNext the Android version to follow Ice Cream Sandwich will be called “Jelly Bean”. This certainly makes sense continuing on with naming OS’s after treats in alphabetical order. Now, this is not a done deal yet. Accordingly, this is just a name that is in the running. However, if they do name it after a treat there are not many sweets that start with the letter “J”.

Also said in the reports is that major upgrades that were supposed to be put into ICS are going to be pushed back to the Jelly Bean update. It won’t be significant enhancements though, the sources stated.

What do you guys think of Ice Cream Sandwich coming this Fall? What about the new codenamed OS “Jelly Bean”? Leave your opinions and comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!!