We now know the name of the next release of OS X and that is OS X Mavericks. Coming this fall Mac OS 10.9 comes with new features that help fix issues from 10.8 as well as add more features from the iOS Platform.

Shown above, Apple has brought Maps to OS X. Also from iOS they brought over iBooks. After that we see Tabs being added to Finder , improved Notifications, and newer versions of both Calendar and Safari. Apple has also added better utilization of people with multiple displays when using full screen applications. When saving files you can now add Tags so that you can better organize and find your saved files.  A really interesting featured Apple has thrown in is the iCloud Keychain where saved passwords and other personal info. Some users may be scared to upload their information to iCloud but have no fear since Apple uses AES 256-bit encryption so your information is secure. 10.9 is due out for release this fall and videos will be up in the coming months to show off all the new features.

(Image Source: Apple.com )