With all the iOS and Android news out there, Blackberry and RIM has almost been forgotten. Until today that is. Today RIM and Porsche announced their brand new Blackberry P’9981 model.

First spotted in September, was a mysterious RIM device that was unlike any other that has ever been seen before. A few days later technobuffalo.com put together the pieces that Porsche designed this odd device based on the letters on the device. However, once the invitations for RIM’s and Porsche’s event in Dubai for this week came out we knew this was true. This new device was first referred to as the Blackberry Bold R47 and the Blackberry Knight.

Specs of the device include a 1.2 GHz processor and the Blackberry 7 OS preinstalled. It is expected to hit the shelves of stores by the end of this year for……..wait for it…….$2,000. Thats a bit pricey, but on the bright side you will get an exclusive PIN number starting with “2AA” so people will know how awesome you are.

Product Video shown at the announcement:

So will any of you be getting this new luxury Blackberry? Do you just flat out prefer iOS or Android? Leave your comments below!!