A few weeks ago a video was published explaining how to change your carrier logo without a jailbreak, however the website hasn’t been updated in about 5 weeks.  I apologize for the lack of posts and few updates.  I will put more effort into keeping all TekWik mediums up to date.

Well to being with, Carrier Editor for OS X and CustomCarrierLogo for Windows are both tools that can be used to change your carrier logos to any PNG image of your choice.  This works by replacing images for your carrier with the ones you choose and changing the version number to one greater than your current carrier file.  The program will package a new IPCC file which you will update to your device.

To actually perform this “hack”, you need to download the program that matches your OS version.


OS X                                                 Windows

Once you have the program downloaded and open, follow the on-screen instructions.  When it asks for the images to input, you can either use your own or use a logo from the Zeppelin jailbreak tweak (currently only included in the OS X download).
When you finish the on-screen instructions two files will be created, the custom carrier bundle and the original which can be used to revert.  You now need to connect your device to iTunes and on windows, hold shift while clicking restore.  On OS X, hold option while clicking restore.  This will bring up a browse dialog where you can select the IPCC file you just created with one of the two programs from above.  Let iTunes update the devices carrier settings and when it’s done, you may or may not need to reboot.  You should now have a custom carrier logo on your iOS devices status bar.