If your one of the people that chose not to get Facebook’s new timeline so far than i have some bad news for you my friends. Facebook announced its new timeline back in September at its F8 event. Many people were able to get the timeline a little bit early and a lot of consumers were able to get it recently as well.

Unfortunately, if your one of those people who shunned the timeline earlier you won’t be happy. In the next week or so Facebook will be bringing the brand new timeline to its 800 + million active users. Upon getting the timeline, users will get seven days to preview it, figure it out, and hide unwanted items they do not want to share. After the seven days it will go live. If you want it live before that you can do so.

The update is a dramatic change to the profile’s of Facebook. From cover photos to all your events Mark Zuckerberg calls it, “a way to share all your important stories of your life on a single page.”

So what do you guys think of the new timeline? Do you have it already? If not are you going to get early or not? Leave your comments below.