iOS 5 is finally here!!! After much anticipation it has arrived. Unfortunately people have been getting messages saying “Error 3002” and “Error 3200”. Well we have the solution. Here is a quick how-to on how to fix that.

You will be restoring to iOS 5 rather than doing an update. Make sure to have a backup before starting.

Important: Before proceeding, be sure you have removed any blocks for from your hosts file!

Step 1 – Be sure to have iTunes 10.5 installed. Don’t have it? Go get it!

Step 2 – Download iOS 5 ISPW specific for your device and save it where it is easy to access.

Step 3 – Launch iTunes 10.5 and then…

                   – Mac users: hold down the OPTION key then click on “Restore”, locate the aforementioned IPSW file

                   – Windows users: hold down the SHIFT key and then click on “Restore”, point iTunes to the downloaded IPSW file

If you still have issues or you are receiving “Error 3194” you can also try putting your device into DFU mode and restoring while in recovery.

Remember to check your host files!!! If you blocked an Apple server or use Sauriks instead for jailbreaking purposes, it will cause issues when you update to iOS 5.

Another common error is “An internal error has occurred” – this is an indication that Apple’s servers are packed at the time and you may want to try again later.

Thats it guys hope this helps!