Hello Touchpad users,

Today dalingrin a developer for the HP Touchpad Android project has released Alpha 2 Cyanogenmod. This update now allows users to watch HD YouTube and local video files!

I have been waiting for this update because I can now use the features that I used on CM7. So now all that’s missing is netflix and to fix all the bugs that transferred with CM7. Below is the change log and a link to the post with the download.

Alpha 1 & 2 Release notes:

We finally have hardware video decode working largely thanks to some help from yjwong. This release is primarily just to get hardware decoding out for folks to enjoy while other work continues. Hardware accelerated video decoding does work for Youtube HD and playback of local media. This build still uses the 2.6.35 kernel. The 3.0 kernel is still being heavily worked on and is also the primary focus for development. Don’t expect hardware video decoding to be perfect yet. Its half a miracle it works at all on our current kernel.

Similar to the last build I will provide flashable zips to make it easier to switch to lcd density 120 with proper launcher layout. The hardware video decoding will not make it into the nightlies for a few days. There is still some work to do in order to get it merged into repositories and ensure it doesn’t break other devices.

  • Hardware video decoding support. As a result, Youtube HD and 720p and 1080p local media will now be playable. Netflix does not work yet.
  • Includes touchscreen improvements by Dees_Troy
  • Now able to enable use of 2D companion core to offload composition
  • Fix netflix and other apps that rely on http live streaming
  • Fix blocky video due to bad scaling