Recent rumors lately have indicated that Apple is planning a low end iPhone 4 like model (iPhone 4S) as the new cheaper alternative instead of an iPhone 3GS. However, there has not been much word on anything about it. We know it will be a iPhone 4 look alike similar specs to the current model iPhone 4, and supposedly 8 GB of memory.

These rumors seem to be true as a leaked casing design was found. got a hold of these pictures.  These pictures are supposedly the inside metal frame of the new low end iPhone 4S expected to be released this fall.

The metal frame on top is a slight change to the current iPhone 4 model. Apple appears to have made a small antenna change. This new frame has antenna breaks on both sides at the bottom end of the phone. Although the current GSM model has these breaks as well, it also has the breaks at the top near the headphone jack, which the leak appears to be missing. The current CDMA model is different by having the antenna breaks at the top only.

What makes these leaks even more interesting is that in the bottom picture, there does not seem to be enough space for a physical home button. This could be evidence that Apple is serious about making the home button gesture-based only and going touch-sensitive in the new iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Only time will tell us what Apple is planning.

So is this the new iPhone 4S? Are we going to see both a iPhone 4S and 5 or just a 4S model? Is Apple making there devices more touch-sensitive? Tell us what you guys think in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!!!