Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad running iOS 4.1 or later.

In honor of the back-to-school season we have a special app review to help you keep up with your grades and assignments. It may not be the best subject to talk about , but it will definitely help any one of you. Lets not waste time, let’s get started then!

For the back-to-school we are sharing with you an app called iStudiez Pro. This app is extremely simple to use and great for keeping track of grades, days of exams, which classes you have on certain days, graded papers and tests, etc. When you first open the app it will show you your schedule for the day, example shown above. It lists all your classes for the day in order along with any assignments due. As the day progresses the list gets shorter. Once you finish your long day of school or if you have no classes on a specific day, the list empties and says a little message to relax for the rest of the day.

Across the bottom of the app are its additional features. It includes a planner, calendar, and assignments tracker. As a student myself, I found the planner was extremely useful to sort out my classes. It put all my classes for the entire semester into one thread and showed my overall GPA for the semester. The assignment tracker was also another fantastic feature. You are able to add all your assignments and by clicking the little circle on the left hand side of them you can insert the grade for it. It was a great way to keep assignments and grades under control.

The folks over at The iStudiez Team also added a calendar for your use. It shows all classes and exams you have for a specific day. It is much similar to the iOS default calendar. If you ever forget what classes you are supposed to go to on a certain day, you are able to just open the app and look on the calendar for classes you need.

Overall the app is great. It has great stability, very useful, easy to use, and simple. Overall, there are not many problems with the app. There were a few bugs we encountered, but it was not anything major to slow down or affect the apps ability. The app however, is geared a little more towards college students. It is however, useful in some ways if you are a middle or high school student. The schedule and calendar part is just a little bit odd if you are not in college, but the planner/grade tracker and assignment tracker is still a fantastic use.

I rate this app a perfect 5 out of 5! A three dollar price point is not bad, but of course we would all like a $0.99 price tag would be better, but hey not a big deal!

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