So guys if you have kept up with our new App review series you would have saw that last week I reviewed the ESPN fantasy football app.

If you haven’t read it yet and want to here is the link:

Anyways, as you can guess from that yes I am a sports fan, especially for football and basketball. If any of you are also sports fans you would also know that the new Madden NFL 12 video game hit store shelves today. However, it is not only in stores.

Released this morning at 12 A.M Madden NFL 12 has also found its way into the Apple App store for iOS devices and the Android Marketplace for Android devices. For a smartphone game its kind of pricey. It will run just about $6.99 on the Apple App store and about $7.99 on the Android Marketplace. However, just like any other game EA releases a sale is always just around the corner, and since the start of the NFL season and Labor day are almost here there is sure to be a sale on the apps. So, there is no need to run out and get the game right away for your smartphone. (Unless your rooted or jailbroken, then it would be free either way)

Get the game here:


iOS Devices:

So are any of you getting Madden NFL 12 for your smartphone or actual console? Is Madden a big deal to any of you? Tell us your opinions in the comments!

P.S. I am considering getting the game at this time and a review is possible. If you are for it or against it tell us in the comments below too!