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The Vector is the latest high end drive from OCZ that features a brand new Indilinx controller designed completely under the control of the manufacturers themselves.  OCZ happens to market this drive to PC enthusiasts that want to include an extremely fast storage device that is very reliable.

The box is essentially the same as the Vertex 4’s box we opened up a couple months ago.  Enclosed inside is the “I “heart” my SSD” sticker, the instructions, the drive itself, mounting screws, and the 2.5 to 3.5 drive bay adapter. This is where you can mount the SSD if your case does not support 2.5 inch drives. The OCZ Vector is the first SSD on the market to feature an in house designed controller.  With 550MB/s and 100k IOPS, the Vector drive will unleash true performance.   More coverage will be added later in the week.