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The Vertex 4 from OCZ takes a leap in SSD Technology.  This drive features blazing fast speeds at a decent price.  The Vertex is OCZ’s flagship line of SSD’s, and the specs and performance you get out of this drive really honors it’s name.

Opening the box, we are greeted with a black folder like packaging.  Enclosed inside is the “My SSD is faster then your HDD” sticker, the instructions, the drive itself, and the 2.5 to 3.5 drive bay adapter. This is where you can mount the SSD if your case does not support 2.5 inch drives. Screws are also included in this package. The package you get for the price point of the drive is adequate, but all that isn’t really important.  What is most amazing, is the performance. What is so special about this drive is the new Indilinx Infused controller which OCZ has recently purchased. With the 128 GB version, pricing is around $115 USD, it is about 90 cents per gigabyte and has a 5 year warranty.  That is a very reasonable price for a drive of this kind.  I will be doing a full review very soon with a performance demo and benchmarking.