Today is a great day. The whited00r development team released Redd00r. Redd00r is an optimized version of iOS 4 that gives life back to the older iDevices. It also brings a lot of features from newer versions of iOS down to iOS 4! Below is a features list…

Homescreen Wallpaper

Redd00r offers homescreen wallpaper from ios4. Also included is an optimized version (via bosspaper) which is faster, though lacks some features. Native tends to be laggier but it varies by device.


Redd00r offers multitasking from ios4. You can choose from the default ios4 behavior or use manual mode, where all apps will quit normally unless you hold the home button.

iOS4 Based

Which allows you to install apps that need ios4


Redd00r features a reminders-clone app which is like the reminders app in ios6. It has been rewritten from scratch and is better than whited00r’s current reminders. It has saving rows and checkmarks as well as NOTIFICATIONS!


“iCloud” allows you to back up your app store game save data.


“Newsstand” allows you to see news about whited00r/redd00r.

iOS 6 Feel

Redd00r includes some new icons and images from ios6

Easy Installation

Installation is through cydia as opposed to whited00r, which uses a custom firmware file and requires a restore. Redd00r can be installed on top of any ios4.2.1 jailbroken installation. It is easy to update using cydia or the built in OTA feature. Please note that a restore is still recommended for optimal performance.

For more information please see the forum page at:

 I cant wait to try this on my iPhone 3G and iPod 2G. I will post an update and a video on my experience!


Coming Soon